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I am not promoting Cigna. In fact, I couldn’t have told you what this was a commercial for until I went googling to see if I could find a clip of it.  (Googled for “commercial guy on a bicycle in armour” and got it in one.) I just really like this commercial — the idea is brilliant.  I love the knight in armour riding the bicycle.  It’s such a beautifully, whimsically absurd image.    And I like the older woman with the white hair wearing the powder blue domino — you only get a brief glimpse of her toward the end of the commercial.  Could you imagine the casting call for that commercial? (Must have been an interesting challenge for the casting director to come up with somebody who could ride a bike in full plate armour. — How would you advertise for that?)  And shooting it in a big city, with a gazillion people walking around in costumes.  Oh, the song is “1” by Joy Zipper.

I got a phone call yesterday from the Nielsen TV ratings people.  They want me to do their TV viewing diary thing.   They send you out these diaries and for a week, you write down everything you watch on TV, what network you watch it on and what time, then you mail it back (prepaid postage).  Of course, it’s all designed to get demographic information about people’s TV viewing habits, what shows are popular and what times they watch TV so they can target their advertising and TV programming.  Boy, is this SciFi reading, toolbelt diva, offbeatTrekkie, hippy chick going to skew* their data!

*term used in statistics to indicate a certain deviation/distortion from the central tendency.