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Our high today was around 55F/13C and it has rained several times since last night, when a terrific crack of thunder rattled the windows.  The ground was still wet this afternoon, which was a delightful change.  Today was downright chilly.  I’ve been comfortable wearing long pants made from thin cotton, which last week would have been too hot, and a thin cotton short sleeved tee.  However, a while ago, I actually got up and put on some socks, a sign that it’s getting too cool to go barefoot any more. I haven’t heard the AC kick in all day.

The weather is beginning to get cooler generally, with night time lows down from the 60’sF/16+C into the 50’sF/10+C and daytime highs in the 80’sF/27+C  The grey kitteh actually wanted to snuggle between my legs this afternoon, but she had a hard time settling, and finally gave up.  (I was reclined in the recliner, didn’t have a lap robe on, and where she was trying to lie has about a 4-inch gap in the middle of it between the seat and the foot rest proper.  Apparently, she minded the gap.)  Kitties wanting to snuggle is a sure sign that Fall is coming.  It’s been so hot this summer that none of them were even remotely interested, except the black one, who always wants to snuggle — which is fine, because I was not really interested in having a hot furry body against me either.

My 90-year-old dad is to the point now that my mom does not want to leave him alone for more than an hour or two as he is effectively blind from macular degeneration, has fallen several times, and cannot get up again once he does.  Yesterday, she had to be out from 10 o’clock until after 3, so I went over to stay with him.  My dad has difficulty hearing even with his hearing aid in, and most of the time he either sleeps on the couch or in his recliner.  I brought my crocheting with, and crocheted one and a half snowflakes while I was there.  I’m making a set of fifteen crocheted snowflake ornaments as a Christmas present for my friend CJ.  Since both 3 and 5 are felicitous numbers,  making 15 a doubly felicitous number, the plan is to make three snowflakes apiece from five different patterns.  I’ve done the three from the first pattern, and have started on the first one from the second pattern.  I promise to do a “how-to” post with pictures when I get to a point where I can show the whole process.

I have cable internet and my modem has both wired and wireless capacity, but my folks have DSL, and this dinky little DSL modem.  Since I know I’ll be “daddy-sitting” on an ongoing basis, I took the opportunity yesterday to install a little Belkin wireless router I got from Amazon so that I could use my Kindle while I was over there.  The only problem I had installing it was that there wasn’t an empty plug on their plug strip, so I had to wait til my mom came home to find out if they had another plug strip or if I’d need to go get an extra one I have. Other than that, it was a piece of cake.  The router plugs into the modem, the computer plugs into the router, you run the CD to install the drivers, and there you are.  I also had a problem getting my Kindle to talk to the router because I apparently had the dumb and could not brain.  I use my Kindle in landscape orientation because the cover I got for it bends into a little prop to hold it up like a picture frame for hands free reading.  I forgot that in landscape orientation, when you access the keyboard to enter the wireless password, the keyboard covers up the little “connect” button that you click on to tell it to connect. (DUH!) I don’t actually need WiFi to read books on the Kindle, but I like listening to music while I read, and my Kindle Rhapsody and Soma FM internet radio apps do need to connect to the internet in order to work.

One day here soon, I need to unlimber my sewing machine and fix the lap robe I use in my office so I can run it through the washer.  It is down filled and quilted, and some of the quilting stitching has come unsewn.  If I don’t fix the quilting, when it goes through the washer, the down fill will get all catty-wompus and be lumpy.  I’ll need to dry it in the dryer with some tennis balls.

I also need to be on the lookout for a king size microfiber blanket in either navy blue or black to make my dad another “blankie.”  He likes to have a blanket to cover him from toes to chin when he sits in the recliner or lies on the couch, but twin-size blankets (66 x 96 inches/168 x 244 cm) are too big and regular lap robes are not long enough.  I made him one about 6 years ago, but it’s beginning to succumb to the ravages of time and washing, and it has some food stains that my mom can’t get out. (The stains make it look “unsightly” and my mom won’t let him use it when company comes.  His “company” one was made by someone else and it’s too thin.)  A king size blanket (90 x 102 inches/228 x 259 cm) is long enough to cover the subject, and wide enough that I can fold it in two width-wise, cut it in half along the fold, stack the two halves and sew them together around the edges, turn it inside out and run a second seam about an inch in from the edge, for a final dimension of approximately 50 x 89 (127 x 226 cm).  This gives it some weight so it stays put better and makes it easier for him to handle.  I can make one in less than an hour.  A quick google reveals Wal-Mart has one on line that comes in black.  I’ve bookmarked the page.