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I have a weather widget on my Google homepage that allows you to follow the weather stats in multiple locations.  I have it set for my hometown (which is at the same latitude as Casablanca, Morocco) and for Biggar, a town in Lanarkshire, Scotland, because I like Scotland, and it helps put things in perspective.  When I booted up the ‘puter at 9 o’clock this morning and my Google home page came up, I noted with some interest that it was 62 F/17.5C with 63% humidity, and wind at 12 mph/19.3 kph here, and in Biggar, it was 63F/17C with 64% humidity, and wind at 13 mph/20.9 kph.  Now, at just 5 pm, it’s 91F/31C with 40% humidity here and no wind at all, and in Biggar, it’s 50F/10C with 90% humidity, and wind at 6 mph.  I feel constrained to point out also that there’s a 6-hour time difference between here and Biggar, making it 3 pm their time in the first instance and 11 o’clock at night in the second.

An update on the SanDisk Sansa Fuse+ MP3 player that I just got:  It also has an FM radio with tunable presets, it allows you to load and play Rhapsody playlists, as well as allowing playback by song, album or artist, and the sound quality is excellent.  After that clunking big, heavy Creative Zen I had, this thing seems tiny, is very lightweight and has an excellent bang for the bucks.  I’m quite delighted at how much I got for my money, even taking into account the extra $20 to buy a 32 GB memory card (which would increase its 8 GB memory capacity x5 to a whopping 40 GB!) —  which the SanDisk techistani I talked to assured me will work with the 8 GB player. (We’ll see when it arrives next week.)  I also sprang for a wall plug charger and a car charger dohickey for an additional $7. I was having some trouble with interfacing with Rhapsody, but after I did a clean reinstall of Rhapsody, that problem was solved.

And, cats will be cats. . .  This was too funny not to share.

I’ve got one of those doorstop thingies on the wall by the back door which, so  far, remains undiscovered (touch wood!).

And now for some comic strip chuckles from Non Sequitur.  That second one cracked me up so much.  All strips © 2012 Wiley Miller