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The breeze is thronged with the fragrances of roses
Yet the solitary scent of jasmine wafts through the secret garden
Wearing nothing but a veil of twilight.
(A deep bowl of white porcelain with Chinese blue
Syringia on a gnarled bush beneath the almond chicken and fried rice)
(A song, Water From a Vine Leaf by William Orbit, dances across the grass.)

A scintillating shoal of stars is caught in evening’s deep blue velvet net
Yet the solitary moon appears, light pearlesced around a grain of mystery,
And like the snail, crawls slowly, slowly up Mount Fuji.
(The man in the boat, the pair of doves, three Buddhas on the bridge,
all in blue on white beneath the wontons.)
A song, “The River of Heaven” by Jonn Serrie, sways like a camel across the night.)

In the restless darkness flocks of peacocks drowse in flowered bowers
Yet in its solitary bed, the night breathes silently in sleep.
where water whispers down a wall of rock into a wide deep pool.
(At the bottom of a small bowl of white porcelain,
a single blue carp swims beneath a fortune cookie with an o-mikuji of shō-kichi.)
(A song, “Serenity” by Liquid Mind floats like a mist above the moment.)