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Found this here and had to put it someplace where I could find it again:

That just to have the eyes of an artist,
that can be enough.
The ear of a poet,
that can be enough.
The soul of a human
just pointed in the direction of the divine,
that can be more than enough.
I tell you this to remind myself,
Every gesture is an act of creation
Even empty spaces and silences
can be the wings and voices of Angels.

– By Michele Linfante

I have no idea who this lady is, or what else she’s written, but I really like what she said.

Here are a few sparklies gleaned from the “sequential art” of “Non Sequitur” by Wiley Miller.  This guy’s a veritable porcupine of satire, and his wit is wicked sharp. His work can be perused at GoComics.com.

Non Sequitur © 1992-2012 by Wiley Miller.