Yesterday, an ATT lady called to see if I was happy with my service.  Boy, did she get such an earful!  Up until about 4 months ago, whenever I turned on a computer, the internet was there, bang!, the moment the computer finished booting up.  Then for no apparent reason, I started to have to wait, sometimes several minutes before my computer finally got connected to the internet, my weather widget started working and I could download email.  I called the ATT techistanis about it.  Twice.  They tested the modem, they did a speed test (I don’t have any problems with speed that I know of.  Once it’s connected, it seems to be as fast as it ever was, but it does no good to try to explain that to them.)  –no surprise! — since the problem was not on their script, it was obviously on my end, despite the fact that I had not added any new software or hardware, and that it was happening on both my Windows 7 machine and my Vista machine.  I hung up in frustration.  About a month later, after my blood pressure had settled back down, I called them again and finally managed to convince them to transfer my call to an American tech who knew the difference between an [elbow] and a hole in the ground.  In the process of transfer, they dropped the call and I was left holding a dead phone line!

More than a little frustrating is the annoying fact that any (and every) time you call the techistanis, they have to walk you through their whole script starting from the very beginning.  Check the connections, reboot the modem, do the line test, etc., etc., none of which has helped the other two times I’ve called them about the same problem.  And if it’s not on their script, they’re clueless.  The only really relevant suggestion they’ve made is to change out the cables that directly connect my modem to each computer.  I did that.

When the lady called yesterday and I went in to boot up the computers, it took one of them over 3 minutes to connect to the internet, and the other one almost 5.  The upshot of the deal is that an ATT guy is coming over sometime between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. tonight.  I’m not really excited at having a strange [probably] man coming into my house that late in the day,  nor having him come into my dusty, disorganized office, where the modem is.  So, between the time I finish this post and the time he comes, I’ll be frantically cleaning up my office and vacuuming.

Not to put too fine a point on the day so far, I’ll be doing this when I might be able to get a couple of pieces of work (I am on shift, there’s no work to speak of).  And, while I was standing at the door looking at the mess my office is in, I inadvertently stepped on the white cat’s tail hair.  Not his actual tail, mind you, just the hair.  He squalled bloody murder, I jumped, grabbed at the door frame to keep my balance, and broke the fingernail on my thumb.  Yeah, like a broken fingernail is such a big deal.  Well, actually, it is.

It’s going to be a pain in the wazoo for the next at least two weeks until the broken part grows out long enough to trim the break all the way across.  Now it’s 1 o’clock, the white cat is sulking, I’m crabby, and the office is still a mess.  So, now I’m going to post this, go rummage about for a Band-Aid, find the roll of big trash bags, get my face mask and unlimber the vacuum.  I will also probably be uttering (with feeling) some of the choicer English words of Anglo Saxon derivation.