I seem to have a tendency to develop gum boils.  I’ve had several on the “cheek” side of my lower molars, and now I’ve got one above the molar that is directly above the molar where I’ve had at least three, the last one requiring lancing.  I went to the dentist yesterday and his x-ray turned up nothing identifiable as a dental culprit, but we are going to throw some antibiotics at it to see if that helps.  Since it’s on my left upper jaw, I can’t help wondering if my left maxillary sinus is not somehow involved.  Either way, I’ve got a painfully swollen lump the size of a small bean on the gum above that one molar and now my whole cheek is swollen and hot.  Despite a day’s worth of antibiotics (and regular doses of acetaminophen) it does not seem to be improving to any degree with the sole exception that the molar below it is no longer so exquisitely tender to being chewed with.  I go back to the dentist tomorrow at 10 o’clock.   He’ll probably want to try lancing it.  I’d better charge up my MP3 player.

Add to the list of “Life’s Unanswered Questions” this one:  Why does my white cat continue to choose to lie underneath the footrest of my recliner when he knows darn well that when I attempt to un-recline the chair, the footrest is going to klong into him?  The moment I encounter resistance I have to flop back and wait for his imperial highness to move and then try again.  Sometimes twice.