Strange to think that there have been several generations who have grown up without being exposed to newspaper comic strips.  The Funny Papers, The Funny Pages, The Funnies, or whatever you called it, they were arguably the best part of the newspaper.  Often, that was the only part of the paper I read.  Now that newspapers have had to switch mediums, their comic strips have had to as well.

I follow about 13 comic strips through the GoComics.com website.   These are “newspaper style” comic strips, not to be confused with webcomics. What I like about this website is that, although they want you to join, membership is free.  You can collect the comics you want to follow on a single page and bookmark that page; then each day you would go to that page for the latest comics, or they’ll send them all to you in an email.  But, they also have RSS feeds so that you can follow your chosen comics through a feed reader, as I do.

There are some classics available on the GoComic website, including Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes (I have all eleven of the books), Alley Oop from my parents’ generation, B.C. and the Wizard of Id, Broom Hilda, Dick Tracy, plus a lot of new comics.  Lot of great stuff there, and it’s all free!

Here’s a Sunday funny from 9 Chickweed Lane, one of the GoComics I follow. Thorax (the old dude in the coveralls)  is one of my favorites of the Chickweed crew. This one provoked a GOL (guffaw out loud).

9 Chickweed Lane © 2012 Brooke McEldowney

These are the others I follow:
Arlo and Janis  (Arlo and Janis, and their college age son Gene.  They have a cat named Ludwig. )
Ballard Street (“Single” frame comics that are witty and quirky because they’re drawn that way.)
Bloom County (reruns, but I missed it the first time through)
Doonesbury  (Double barreled political satire.)
For Better or Worse (Reruns, but I got in late in the strip)
Foxtrot (Sundays only, the Foxtrot family and their three teenaged children.)
Frazz  (A school janitor like you’ve never seen before.)
Get Fuzzy (a cat, a dog, and the man they drive crazy.)
Herman (Some of these are reruns; Unger is “semi-retired.”)
Non Sequitur  (One of the wittiest and sharpest strips out there, satirical any way you slice it.)
Pibgorn (Another of Brooke McEldowney’s strips, about a romantic triangle:  a fairy, a succubus, and the church organist they both love.)
Preteena (Reruns, but I got in late on this one, too. )
Rose Is Rose  (I love the Gumbos – Rose, Jimbo, Pasquale and their cat Peekaboo.)

I also follow a strip called Sheldon, through its own website.  (He also does a webcomic called Drive which I also follow)  I like his style of drawing and I like his style of humor.  And the duck.  The duck is great.  And the lizard.

I thought I’d close with one from XKCD for the more erudite crowd.  Some of this guy’s cartoons are very subtle, like this one.

XKCD © 2012 Randall Munroe