Sunday morning I did a large (2 lb.) loaf of “rosemary” bread, only without the rosemary (I have “rosemary” written on my grocery list), and it rose beautifully — so high, in fact, that it had what is known as a “dunlop” — which is that part at the top where it done lopped over the top of the pan.  I had made a 1-1/2 lb. loaf earlier and it had turned out so well, I did a big one with the intention of taking several slices to the folks when we went out to eat in honor of Father’s Day that evening. This recipe makes a really nice light white bread with a nice grain to it when it rises right.

Once it cooled, I sliced up half the loaf for the folks, and put that in a plastic recloseable bag, which I wouldn’t have done until just before I left to go to dinner, but if I hadn’t, the loaf would not have fit in my bread box.   As it was, I had to put it in sideways, because it was too tall to put in the usual way.  When I first got the bread machine, I didn’t think I’d need a bread box, because I would just keep the bread in a large reclosable bag, but even in this climate, doing that takes all the “crisp” out of the bread. This particular bread box has a little adjustable vent (the little white doohickey on the end) so that you can control the moisture level inside.  The bread box comes with its own removable little cutting board inside (the big white doohickey underneath the bread). Speaking of which, I think I’ll go cut me a slice or two of what’s left. . . .