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We had a good old fashioned gully-washer last night about 9 o’clock, with flickering lightning and window-rattling thunder. I went out on the walkway and tried taking some video of it and got an interesting blue line artifact from the porch light in the process.  (We got enough rain that the ground was still wet this morning — it was most welcome!)  The kitties were all in the kitchen milling about restlessly because of all the thunder, so I videoed their reaction to the rain, which was bucketing down, and posted it on my Tumblr blog here.   The “chimney” for the exhaust fan above the stove has a sheet metal hood and you can hear the rain plunking on it.  Both the black one and the white one have speaking parts in this video.

In other news, I made a loaf of “rosemary bread” without the rosemary. (I really must get some rosemary to see what it tastes like with the rosemary in.)  It was my best loaf yet.  It rose very nicely and had a lovely grain.  I think next time I make this recipe, I’ll choose the crispiest crust setting.  The “medium crisp” setting is not really crisp enough.  It’s a very simple recipe:  Water, salt, olive oil, white flour and yeast — and, of course, rosemary, when I get some.  Earlier in the week, I made a bowl of tuna salad, and I had just enough of it left to make half a sandwich.  Quite tasty.
I’m out of honey so I can’t make any more whole wheat bread until I get some more.  I’m almost out of wheat gluten, too.   You have to add the powdered wheat gluten when you make bread with straight whole wheat flour in the bread machine.  If you don’t use the wheat gluten, about a third of the flour has to be white flour or the bread won’t rise well.