During a recent television attack,  I finally got up to speed on “Warehouse 13” (the new season begins July 23!) and I’m slowly but surely catching up on “Criminal Minds.” I have to wait until September 21 for the new season of “Haven” and there will be a new season of “Once Upon A Time” which won’t happen until next year.  There remains getting up to speed on “Merlin,” which will have a fifth season, but I don’t know if Syfy (or anybody) has picked up season 5 for broadcast in the US.

Recently on our local PBS station, the Masterpiece Mystery series broadcast season 2 of “Sherlock,” the Steve Moffat (of Dr. Who fame) reworking and modernizing of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.  Sherlock Holmes is played (rather well, I think) by an actor with the improbable name of Benedict Cumberbatch with Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson.  Very interesting take on the Conan Doyle stories.  This “set in modern times” version is neither self conscious nor pretentious, and never takes itself seriously.  Each episode is so rich in detail and layers that you almost have to watch it twice just to take in everything.  The scripts are very well written. Moffat’s standards, not only for his own writing, but for others’, are very high — tight plots, great dialogue.  I grinned a lot while watching it and LOL-ed frequently.  (Wait’ll you see what Moffat did to Mycroft).   I’m delighted to learn that there is a season 3.  If you subscribe to Netflix, season 1 is available there, and season 2 is available here.

It’s gotten to the point where watching live television is excruciating — I’m forced to wait out the eleventy-twenty commercials that barge in and get up in my face every 15 minutes. (Knitting helps).  I’ve taken to recording everything I want to watch on DVR so that I can fast forward through the commercials (adverts).  I mean, having the story interrupted every 15 minutes is bad enough without having to watch all the MadAv song and dance.  The other night, while watching the 6 episodes of “Criminal Minds” I had recorded, I must have fast forwarded through 15 Cialis ads.  Cialis is a drug like Viagra, which is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction.   Apparently it has a curious side effect:  Ex post facto, you and your partner end up outside in separate bathtubs.