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Once upon a time, I bought AVI’s audio recorder software to record phonograph records to digital format and splurged and bought their “Lifetime” option that allows me to download as much of their software as I want and use it for free forever.  When I realized I could shoot videos with the new camera, I downloaded the AVI video editing software.  Last week I took a bunch of short little videos and tonight I tried out the AVI video editor.  It’s fairly intuitive, and I figured it out pretty quick and without recourse to the manual. I was able to edit out the bits I didn’t want, and combine all the little videos into one big one.

I had to upload the finished video to my Tumblr blog here because in order to be able to upload videos to WordPress, I would have to rent the storage upgrade.  The white one has a speaking part.

Yes, I have a couple of big garbage cans in my “liberry.”  On trash takeout day, I load them up and haul everything out to the dumpster in one trip. If I leave them outside on the porch, the wind blows them out into the yard and spooks everybody.  Yes, I have cardboard boxes in the floor of my kitchen.  They are for the kitties to play with.  The grey kitty frequently uses them as a “King’s X” place because the flaps keep the black one at bay.  The kitties are also rather fond of a game where one gets inside the box, and the other one crawls under one of the flaps and bats at the one in the box from underneath the flap. They are also just right for snoozing in, too.

I also took some more pictures in the back yard, “artsy” ones, just to see what I could come up with.

A shot of my English lavender in bloom.

Some paper mulberry leaves, which are fuzzy.

It was an overcast day, kind of mizzly, but this male grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) was out on a wire over in the next yard.  

A single rose, the only one.




Paper mulberry leaves against a weathered fence.
The old Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila) next door.
An art critic.  (This is one of those plastic decals that sticks to the window without glue.  I have them stuck to the inside of all my windows.  They help prevent birds from mistaking the yard reflection as the real thing and flying into the windows.)
A gloomy American robin (Turdus migratorius).  Evidently they are nesting in one of the nearby trees.  I did a short video of this one reacting to my presence near the nest which I posted here on my Tumblr blog.

A money shot of Turdus migratorius from Wikipedia commons to show you what their coloration is like.