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If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a serious reader — like hours at a time.  This being the electronic age, I’ve graduated to a Kindle Fire, and I am very pleased with it.  I have a Rhapsody app, a SomaFM app, and ebooks, ebooks, ebooks.  Just found out there is a free Sky FM app for the Kindle, too.  Recently, I got one of those laptop tables on wheels (for a better price than this — but I had to assemble it myself). I already had a plug strip with a 12 foot cord, which I mounted to the bottom of the table.   I have my Kindle in a shell, which allows it to be propped up.  (My Kindle carrying case has a zippered pocket for my earbuds and wand and is large enough to hold the Kindle when it’s in the shell.)  I’m all set.  Plug the plug strip in, roll the table to a comfy chair with footstool, plug the Kindle charger into the plug strip and into the Kindle, settle back in my chair, select a music app and tune it in, insert my earbuds, select my ebook, and I’m ready to go.

That’s my stylus at the bottom center above. Using a stylus keeps the screen free of fingerprints. ** (Bread machine bread seems to be crumbier than store-bought bread, but that’s OK.  I love the coarser texture of it.  I had a slice with peach jam and a slice with peanut butter. )

**Note:  Lap kitty is an optional accessory.