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Music:  Beyond This Moment, and Adagio From Fantasy for a Gentleman
Composer:  Patrick O’Hearn
Video:  Paris.

I don’t know when this video was shot, except that it was probably during the summer.  I pass it along because a vicarious trip to Paris never goes amiss, especially when it’s set to such lovely music.

Points in time.  I spent Easter Sunday morning of 1976 (the year of the US bicentennial) riding as an Air Force observer in an Army helicopter, patrolling the Berlin Wall.  It seems hard to believe now that it’s been almost 23 years since The Wall came down.  A whole generation has grown up without it. That’s a good thing.  And yet, because of The Wall, I was able to go places and do things I probably would never have had the opportunity to otherwise.  Like, walk the streets of Paris, for instance.