This website is billed as “a personal art project” and it does have its artist aspects, but the concept is amazing.   It’s fascinating to watch the “flow” of wind across the whole country.

If you look at the map along the bottom edge, you’ll see the downward “horn” in the middle which is the bottom end of Texas.  If you follow the bottom edge of that “horn” to the left you come to an upward notch before it goes down again for the far western part of Texas.  If you find the center point in that little notch and go straight up about an inch and a half, that’s where I live.

Things being what they are, I thought I’d share the following video that has a lot of very interesting energy saving ideas.  Some of the ideas he has used in his “off grid” house would be impractical to retrofit into an existing house, but there are some very useful ideas that can be implemented without retrofitting. Those “heat tubes” are something anyone could make for very little money.