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She’s a big girl, and tall.  Almost half again as large as the little yellow irises.

And the Wal-Mart “heritage” rose is going to town.

Tonight I need to hook the hose up to the back bed and give it a good soaking so I can plant my Siberian irises Monday.  I’ll mulch the front bed, where “Chickasaw Sue” lives, try to kill about a gazillion “Tree of Heaven”[sic] seedlings that are all over the place, ditto the paper mulberry seedlings and a few Siberian elm seedlings.  Todays high is predicted to be 92F/33C but tomorrow’s high is only predicted to go to 78F/26C, which is why I’m waiting until Monday to get outside.   We will hope Tuesday’s predicted rain makes an appearance.  Note to self:  Find tube of sun screen — I think it’s in the second shelf of the bathroom cabinet.