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God, I love the internet!  I was following links to a giveaway by the publishing company who has just published a book by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Bear, and practically fell over this not two clicks away.

There’s a big debate going in the scientific community about what makes us “human”  — what line did we as a species cross that divides us from the rest of the animal kingdom? (Or is there a line? A line where?) The ability to invent and use tools?  Our use of language?  For my money, this thing I found is a perfect example of what I think sets us apart as a species.  Imagination.  Plain and simple.  You can’t make a tool, unless you can imagine what it needs to be to do what you need it to do.  And what is language but a gossamer concoction spun out of noise and imagination?  The persons responsible for the above little gem of the animation art had some Grade A, industrial strength imagination going on. Stuff like this makes my mind grin from ear to ear and laugh with delight.

Imagine me taking off my figurative hat and performing a special deluxe,  Elizabethean bow (for use with royal and emperial highnesses, pontifical eminences and other dry game) with the knob turned up to 11, in salute to the perpetrators of this exquisite jewel-winged butterfly of a film.  Yowza!