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. . .Is what I had again yesterday.

Thursday, I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.  I got up, booted up my computers, girdled my loins (such as they are), sat down at my desk at 9 o’clock as instructed, all ready and waiting to train into my new job.  And sat there, and sat there.  At 9:38, I called my new boss, and got her voice mail.  Left her a politely worded one to the effect I’m here, I’m ready, but ?????   At quarter of 10, I wrote her a high-priority email with essentially the same text.  At 10:45 she sent me an email from her Blackberry saying that she was “unexpectedly not available,” would I be available tomorrow?  I was, and spent yesterday morning catching up on blogs, webcomics, etc., waiting for word.

We did finally get started at 11 o’clock yesterday, and I got shown the ropes (their software is a whole lot more user-friendly and easier to use than that three-ringed software circus I was using with the previous company).  I down-loaded the requisite software, launched it, and then couldn’t get the window to size down to fit on my screen, no matter what I tried.  I dragged and I dragged, and the window simply refused to size.  Period.  So then I waited another hour and a half for a tech to get an “open window” to link into my computer and see if he couldn’t find out what the deal was.

Wouldn’t you know, my wallpaper changer chose then to feature a picture of Ruben Cortado in a miniscule bathing suit on a beach in Flagrante.  (One of the less obvious perks of working from home.)  And when he linked into my computer, the tech got both barrels, so to speak. I think I was as taken aback as he was.  I’ve had techs link into my computer to fix stuff before, and they’ve never been able to see my wallpaper before, even when I wanted them to.  It never occurred to me that whatever software this tech was using would show my wallpaper, and frankly it was the very least of my worries at that point.  (And when you get right down to it, how was this different from him having a picture of Beyonce, or Shakira, or some other sex symbol du jour in corpus delectable on his desktop?)

Well, the only way we could get the software window to fit the screen was to change the resolution on my 1366 X 768 wide screen monitor to 800 x 600, which kinda defeats the purpose of a wide screen monitor just a tad.  So then I wrestled the octopus and switched out monitors so that the shared monitor is the 1280 X 1024 Dell and the wide screen monitor is the one that is hardwired into my play computer.  (At some point, hopefully, I’ll be able to afford the Belkin KVM switch that will allow me to share both monitors.)  Even so, I’m still having to use 800 x 600 resolution on the Dell 1280 x 1024 monitor, but at least the Dell has the same length/width ratio and has hardly any distortion distortion at that resolution, unlike the wide screen monitor. . . .

It was a relatively easy solution, but I held my breath.  It worked fine for about 6 hours until I got my 3 test documents done and turned off the Vista machine.  Then while I was sitting there reading and replying to blogs, the wide screen froze up and whited out.  You can imagine the disaster scenarios that went through my head.  (Especially since the wide screen monitor is out of warranty.)  I rebooted the Windows 7 machine and got it up, but now the screens were reversed.  Instead of being able to move smoothly to the right on the wide screen across to the left side of the Dell, they were backwards, and I had to get from one screen to the other by the Columbus method (go west by sailing east) — I had to go off the left side of the wide screen to end up on the right side of the Dell.  AARRGGHH!  Took me over an hour, but I think I got it sorted, only now the wallpaper pictures are not in the center of either of the screens any more.  *#^&%$#@!

With no segue whatever to a completely new topic, I’ve had allergies since a child, and it was only just the other day that I found out that extreme sleepiness, as in “can barely keep your eyes open” can be a symptom of allergies.  Apparently this is a big secret that nobody has let the allergy specialists in on, never mind their patients.  I had to hear about it from two other fellow sufferers.  The upshot is that I ordered the same kind of Oreck air filter they use and swear by, but it won’t be here until Tuesday!!!!!  In the meantime, I’m dealing with pollen, mold spores in the duct work, and what have you and fighting to stay awake.  (The light bulb comes on — it wasn’t the medication change that was putting me to sleep, it’s the allergies — the chronology matches up exactly with the times my allergies are the worst!)   If this thing does the trick, I’m getting another one so I won’t have to be moving the one that’s coming Tuesday back and forth between my bedroom and my office.

Oh, well.  Here’s the high point of my day yesterday: