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The good news is that the lady I talked to Sunday offered me the job this morning and I accepted it.  I start training on the software Thursday.  It’s that part time position I mentioned in a previous post  — I don’t want a full time position.  It also means I got the exact schedule I wanted.  Of the other three possibilities, one only had full time positions open, one didn’t feel I met their needs (and if I had, I would have had to work evenings), and I never heard back from the third one.

To celebrate, I bought groceries this afternoon.  I had a small list of items I needed, but now that I’m going to be working again, I didn’t have to rigidly adhere to it.  Also, I’ll be able to afford to water the yard.  So, I bought a new garden hose (hose pipe) for the front yard — the hose I have is at least 8 or 9 years old and has deteriorated to the point that it has one big hole in it, and probably several more.  Since the front yard is slightly bigger than a postage stamp, I got a 25-foot hose  in a nice, bright, primary blue color which will go good with the El Cheapo yellow plastic sprinkler I got.  There’s no point in my spending a lot of money on a sprinkler.  We have such hard water here that sprinklers become useless after a couple of years because the lime and scale deposits plug up all the little holes and calcify any internal workings into immobility.  The pruning shears I had are on their last legs, so I got a new pair of  those too. I think the other two hoses are pretty much OK.

I also got one of those hose holder things that you screw onto the side of your house to hang your coiled hose on.  I had one of those boxes that lets you wind up the hose into it, but in the last couple of years, it’s started leaking badly where you attach the hose inside the holder.  I’ll have to charge up my drill and play “Toolbelt Diva” to hang it.   I also got two yard lights to replace the two the yard guys broke.  I have to be out and about Thursday afternoon so I’ll swing by and get cat food and litter, and then I’ll head back to Wal-Mart and get a couple of bags of mulch for the front flower beds. (The stupid yard guys that my duplex manager pays to keep the yard have decided that in addition to mowing, edging and blowing off the sidewalks, they are going to blow and rake all the leaves out of the flower beds, too.  They hauled perfectly good, free leaf mulch off to the dumpster, and now I have to go buy commercial mulch at the store to replace it.  Duh!)  (The yard lights and the mulch are coming off the rent.)

So, what’s the better news?  Take a look at this.  See anything interesting?

Take a closer look:

Those are iris buds!  So far I’ve counted four of them.  I swear they weren’t there when I looked out this morning, but this afternoon before I went over to my folks house to fix a table lamp for my mom (the socket had burnt out), I looked out the back door window and saw little flecks of yellow.  I did a double take and was out the back door in a New York minute to take a closer look.  I have several different colors, and each color blooms at a different time.  These little yellow ones are always the first to bloom.  They are descendants of one little corm that just suddenly sprouted up right in the middle of the pass through from the back yard to the front fence gate.  I rescued it and transplanted it into my iris bed with the little two-tone purple ones that were there when I moved in.  The first summer I lived here, I bought every color of iris corm Wal-mart had, dumped them all in a bowl and just grabbed and planted.  This fall, I need to thin this bed out and do some transplanting.

While I was out in the yard, I looked around and saw all kinds of nice little surprises:

The lawn grass we have here is called “Bermuda grass.”  It propagates by seed, but it also propagates by runners.  Each fall, the year’s growth withers and dies back to the roots.  The dead part is that whitish tan litter you can see underneath the new growth that has come back out from the roots again.  (The dead grass always reminds me of the paintings Andrew Wyeth did in tempera.  The light here has the same intense, glaring quality as the light I see in those paintings, with the same washed out, sun-faded colors).

My jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens) is beginning to bloom, too:

There’s at least one bud on the red climbing rose by the east fence.

There are buds on the bush roses, and the honeysuckle is going nuts.

Yes, I’ve got aphids on some of my roses.  But they are “tame” aphids.  They are being herded by the resident sugar ants (Camponotus consobrinus).  Even if there weren’t a baby and a 4-year-old child living in the other side of the duplex, I still wouldn’t poison the aphids.  Because the ants have the aphids as a food source, they haven’t needed to come in my house looking for food — and that means I don’t have to have a bug guy come out and spray.