These are some short films I found on YouTube, that marvellous grab-bag of goodies brought to you by the internet. The first three are from Pixar.  Since none of them have any dialog, I suppose you could call them exercises in nonverbal communication, something that Pixar excels at.  (Pixar’s brilliant film Wall-E is a spectacular case in point.)

This first one is dead on target.  Watch the facial expressions on the birds. The Pixar folks are adept at capturing all the subtleties.  (Does the big blue bird remind you of a certain big yellow bird?)

This next one is a warm fuzzy one.  You always hear about storks bringing babies, but never about where the storks get them from.   This one actually has the same basic theme as the first one, but works the situation out in a more constructive way. The music is nice, too.

This one is priceless.  I think it’s just hilarious.  (I couldn’t find a copy that would imbed, but it’s worth watching on YouTube.  Be sure to watch to the very end!)

I thought I’d leave you with a short film that is not by Pixar, but which is nonetheless beautifully done.  I like the Art Nouveau shop front and the subtle change it undergoes, not in the film, but in the mind of the viewer.