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Soma FM, my favorite internet radio station, now has an app for the Kindle Fire!  That means I can listen while I read books on my Kindle Fire.  You should check out their website, see what they’ve got and give them a listen.  They are based in San Francisco but since they are an internet radio station, you can access their content and listen through your computer from anywhere in the world.  You can listen on your Windows Media Player or using several other programs such as Winamp and iTunes, and they also have apps for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android devices, including the Kindle Fire.  It is listener supported radio, so the only commercial they have is them politely and unobtrusively asking for your support once every hour.  The sound quality is great.  I’ve tried some other internet radio stations, but I keep coming back to Soma FM.  I listen to it pretty much constantly when I’m on my computer.