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Which is when my day started.  Either Coca Cola has too much caffeine in it or I’ve gotten more sensitive to it.  The amount of caffeine in tea is OK, but Coca Cola has too much.  It jacks with my sleep/wake cycle which I have a hard enough time keeping sorted out as it is.  I have no business drinking Coke anyway.  When you drink carbonated beverages you are pissing your bones away.  Really leaches calcium from your body.  I’ve got no business drinking it anyway.

I just finished Laurie R. King’s “A Grave Talent,” which was both her first Kate Martinelli, police detective, novel and her first published novel.  Just gulped it down in large chunks.  (I liked it well enough to treat myself to the next book in the series. King writes well, and I like her style.)  Discovered in the process that the plug strip I have hung on the back of my bedpost for such things as phone recharging, keeping my Kindle Fire recharging as I read, plugging in a heating pad, etc., was deader than a doornail. Kaput. So now I have to get a new one.  Bother.

The weather is starting to get warmer here with predicted highs in the 70’s F/20’s C for the next five days.  Unfortunately, it’s predicted to be windy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which means the dust will blow.  I had hoped to get outside and work in the yard at some point next week, but I’m not going to fight the wind to do it.   Still if it’s not too windy, I might do some cleaning up and weeding of the iris bed and the climbing rose bed in the back.  That’s mostly sit-down work.  The fence would offer some protection from the wind.  There’s a lot of dead wood on the roses that needs to be removed, and they need to be pruned and most of the runners cut back, especially on the pink one, which would make a right little thicket if I let it.   I really need to get some rebar and make a nice, tall trellis for them — one that’s significantly taller than the fence.  Once I get some money coming in, that is.  Still, there’s a lot of work I can do without spending any money, if I would just get off my duff and do it.  I just can’t seem to get motivated.  I really don’t think my irises are going to bloom at all this year.

I did make a bowl of tuna salad after I got up though.  I’ve already had a bowl of it spooned onto crackers.  Like a dummy, I forgot to take a loaf of bread out of the freezer, so I couldn’t make sandwiches.   I’ve solved both the onion problems — “the crying when you chop them” problem and the “fingers smelling like onions” problem — simple actually.  (1) I keep my onions in the refrigerator.  The refrigerator came with the duplex and dates from the “harvest gold” era which was the 1970’s  I’m surprised it still works.  But it has two little hoppers on the top of the door for keeping stick butter in.  That’s where I keep my onions.  When you refrigerate them, they don’t make you cry when you chop them.  (2) While holding your hands under running water, rub your fingers with something made of stainless steel.  The knife I use has a stainless steel blade, and that’s what I use.  (For safety’s sake, make sure the sharp side of the blade is pointing away from your hands!) Takes the odor off your fingers.  Really.  You can find little stainless steel gizmos made for that purpose, but the stainless steel blade of my knife works like a charm.  It works for garlic, too.

As I was braiding my hair earlier today, it occurred to me that I’ve worn my hair in two braids more in the last two years than I have the whole rest of my life.  One of my favorite hair styles is to braid it in a single braid at the nape of my neck, loop it over, tuck in the end, and clip it to the back of my head with a large barrette.  But, I’ve only started wearing it in two braids in the last two years.

I think I’ll go read a while, and then make an early evening of it.  I’ve started the first book of Rosemary Sutcliff’s “The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles” — I have the omnibus edition that has all three books in one volume. The film “The Eagle” is supposed to be based on the first book, “The Eagle of the Ninth.” The story is set in Roman Britain, in the 2nd century C.E.  Yeah, they’re supposed to be “young adult” books, but I am an adult (or was the last time I looked), and you’re as young as you feel. . . .