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I’ve been listening to my Rhapsody playlist of Zero Ohms‘ music, acutely aware that there are other CD’s of his out there that I have not heard and cannot afford to acquire.  If you like your ambient more on the melodic side, you should check out his stuff.  If you like Jonn Serrie, you’ll like Zero Ohms.

Spent the day catching up on my blog, comics and webcomics reading, and ran across an interesting pattern for a cap.  Although I love them, I have problems with the way ski cap/watch cap type caps fit on my head, and I have to wear them way down on my forehead to keep them on.  I might try this Gaussian cap.  I like the way the flaps go down over the ears.  I’ll be interested to see how easy it is to keep on.

Same song, umpteenth verse, I need to get my office in shape.  I’m thinking about crocheted snowflake ornaments.  It would be great to do it at one of my work tables, where I could have the pattern book open in front of me, and my magnifying light that clamps onto the table edge.  It’s a big table, and there would be plenty of room for the Squeezebox, and a plug to plug it into.  I’ve already got a drawer full of cotton crochet thread and all the hooks I need.  They don’t take long to do.  Then I have to put some cling wrap down on my ironing board, peg out the snowflakes with pins and soak them in stiff stuff so they’ll dry stiff.  I’ll need to pick up a roll of very narrow white satin ribbon for the hanger loops.  I use crochet motifs from some reprinted pattern books from the 1930’s and 1940’s like you use to make table cloths, bedspreads, etc.  Not every kind of motif will work, and of those that will, some I can use as written, and some I have to modify.   I’ll be sure to post pictures.  They go real fast.  You can knock a couple off in the evening after supper.  I promised a set to my most favorite author in the whole world, and I need to get busy.

No news on the job front.  And no news on whether my application for unemployment benefits has been accepted or not.  Also no sign of my last paycheck from my old job or my income tax refund.