My duplex manager has let me hire a guy to fix the fence, which is nice, because I’ve got it propped up to keep it from literally falling over.  He’s replacing four fence posts this afternoon.  He mentioned that he had forgotten to get any screws to anchor the sections of fence to the posts, and when I went into the storage room to see if I might have some, I made a sad and gruesome discovery — the body of a grey and white cat inside the larger storage room.  I have no idea how the cat got in there or how long it had been in there, but it was quite thoroughly dead.

The storage building has two sides.  The side the cat was in was nearly empty because that side of the roof leaks, so I had moved all my stuff to the other side.  The door on my side has a tendency to come open if the wind hits it a certain way. (It doesn’t have a lock.)  Evidently the cat got in when the door was open, and I or the husband of the family in A inadvertently shut it up in there when one of us closed the door again.  The side the cat was on has low windows, and it was in the corner by the windows.  That makes it particularly heart breaking as the poor thing could see freedom, but could not reach it.  I called the City’s Animal Control people and a while ago one of their guys came and got the remains.