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A day to catch up on sleep.  The cover with zippered pocket I ordered for my Kindle Fire came today.  The grey one is curled up on my chest at the moment with her head on my forearm.  Eventually the jiggling of my typing will send her off in a huff.

My first meal of the day didn’t happen until after 4 p.m.  — I didn’t wake up until almost 4 p.m.  It was a pair of toasted English muffins, one muffin, I buttered the halves and then spread on peanut butter.  The other muffin I put slices of cheddar cheese on and melted the cheese in the broiler.  I’ve been on a peanut butter kick here lately.  I bought a 17 oz jar last week when I shopped groceries, and I’ve already eaten half the jar.  It is a “no added” peanut butter, with no salt and no sugar added.  I made a pot of tea and had a container of cherry yogurt for “sweet.”

(vegans and vegetarians may wish to skip this paragraph.) The other atypical thing I bought when I shopped groceries was a small packet of liverwurst.  Every so often (like once or twice a year), I get a craving for it.  I peel the fatty rind off and throw it out in the yard for the feral cats.  I like to eat it on “artisan” bread with chopped olives spooned on top.  (My triglycerides are probably about halfway to Saturn now. ) I’ve always like liver — in our family divy of fried chicken, my brother got the drumsticks, I go the wings and the liver, my dad got the breasts and my mom got the thighs and back.  Nobody has ever had to force me to eat (beef) liver and onions.

I booted up the ‘puters and was doing a spot of work when my BFF called and we  had a natter.  We talked about her computer situation – “iffy” – She has this jicky little “laptop” about the size of your typical hardbacked book.  Her computer skills are marginal (she’s basically a luddite), and she is easily frustrated.  I talked about the free printer I got with the Dell computer (the one that crashed last August) and have never used, as I already had a printer, and about seeing if we could get it to work with her “laptop” (her “laptop” runs on Windows XP, so it should work).  We also talked about my camera which I have such trouble running with Windows 7. It’s dead simple to use, and there are free photo editing programs available on the internet that are relatively simple to use.  We talked about getting her a PC with a decent sized screen — the screen on her “laptop” is about 5 x 8 inches.  If she had a decent sized screen, she could join Netflix — 8 bucks a month is way cheaper than the amount she spends on renting DVDs from the local DVD rental place.  She is a film watcher like I am a book reader.  With Netflix, she’d be like the proverbial kid in the candy store.   She spent the majority of her working life as an illustrator and graphic artist for a museum, and she is a very visual person, so it is no surprise that films are her favorite form of entertainment.

My brother has loaned me one of his (3) cameras.  I would buy it from him but he paid $1100 for it 3-4 years ago.  He told me I could use it and if he ever needed it he’d come get it and use it then bring it back.   Since he has a new $1100 camera, it’s doubtful that he will need it, but that’s the deal.  It is a stop-gap because I can’t get my new computer to “see” the camera I have.  It’s just until I can scrape the money together to get a new camera — which may or may not happen any time soon.  I’ve had it since Xmas, but I haven’t even gotten it out to look at yet.  One of these days. . . .

I started a second color on my 9-blade circular shawl The yarn I’m using I bought probably 30 years ago and these are leftovers I’ve never used.  I’ve had it forever  It is acrylic yarn, and has filaments of something clear woven into the yarn so it has a shimmer to it which I like.  I hope I have enough yarn to get the shawl the size I need it, because I doubt you can buy yarn like this any more, and I just have 3 balls of it — one of the light blue, one of the dark blue and one of the purple.  What I’ve knitted so far is 27 inches in diameter and I’d really like it to be about 50 inches in diameter.  We’ll see how things go.  The dark blue is in two balls.  When I use up the larger ball, I’ll go to the purple, and use the smaller ball of dark blue to edge the shawl with a little crocheted shell edging.   In order to get this picture, I had to download the HP camera to my Vista machine, transfer it to a memory stick, and then use the memory stick to get it to the Windows 7 computer.

I really ought to work some more, so I’ll post this, change computers and go to work.