I like to think of anything not made from a recipe as “free-hand” — like drawing something free-hand, versus tracing something.  I’m currently contemplating a little free-hand lunch. I’ve got blue corn chips, and I’ve got some of that Sargento Mexican 4 cheeses shredded cheese. . . Hmmm.  I really need to make a pot of tuna salad before my white onions sprout, and I really need to make some Wolf Brand Chili and elbow macaroni.  The chili and elbows would be easier and quicker to make. . . and I could put some chopped onions in it and put the shredded cheese on it . . .  As far as that goes, I could put some chili on the blue corn chips, and then put the cheese on and have chili nachos. . .Hmmm.

When I was looking up the Wolf Brand Chili link, they had a chili pizza.  I’ve got some of that store-bought tandoori nan in the freezer. . . Hmmm.

(20 minutes later) I opened a can of chili and made some nachos.  It doesn’t take a whole can, only 4-5 spoons full, so I might try some on some nan at a later date, like maybe tomorrow.  Three 45 second zots in the microwave, turning a quarter turn after each zot, and there we have it. I’d better get an extra paper napkin/serviette. I’m going to need a bib. . . . Oh, and a container of raspberry yogurt for desert, and a big glass of applejuice, and a pot of Earl Grey Hot. . . .Engage!