While browsing through the blog rolls of the blogs I follow, I came across this one “The Mag” that looked interesting.  Writing inspired by a picture.  Here’s the current challenge picture.  OK.  I’ll give it a bash.

Mare Temporis

I am filling fast with years
The level rises
High and higher
I am submerged entire.
Deep and deeper
I have surely passed
Beyond the grasp
Of the pale and tidal moon
Too submarine
To ebb or flow
Across a beach again.

Swallowed by the darkling depths
I’m only one league down
But it might just as well
Be twenty thousand.
Who would even think to look
Below the undulating surface
For points of interest underneath?

What good to call
When only someone
Fluent in the language
Could understand the sounds
Of water bubbles breaking on the air?
There are so few native speakers left.