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Sunday, my weather widget had shown a rain/snow graphic for today’s weather, and a snow graphic for Tuesday.  I was supposed to work today, but I woke up with a rip-snorter of a sinus headache.   When I called my boss, she said, “No biggie.” There wasn’t a lot of work at the moment and I could flex my time.  On Mondays, work usually doesn’t start to build until late afternoon.   That meant instead of taking a couple of Tylenol and toughing it out, I could take my sinus meds (which tend to put me at the third Lagrangian point for about 5 hours) and go back to bed.  I carefully inserted my legs between sleeping kitties (who were place-marking the warm spots), pulled up the covers and oblivionated.

I woke up again at nearly 4 pm feeling much better.  On my way to the kitchen, I saw that it had snowed kinda-sorta — little blobs and globs of snow, but not enough to cover.  It wasn’t cold enough (40F/4C) for it to stick to the sidewalks.   I had some errands to do; I needed to deposit a check and stop by “wally world” to pick up a few essential household items.  By the time I got back an hour later, all the snow was melted, but as I was driving home, it started to snow again, big wet flakes that splashed into my windshield/windscreen.  Not snowing heavily, but snowing all the same, only it was too warm for it to stay snow once it hit something.  My Google Doppler radar gadget shows that most of the action is south of us, which is pretty typical.  Unusually, there was very little wind, only around 6 mph/9.6 kph. Now I notice that my weather widget says snow with a low of 27F/-3C for this evening, but sunny tomorrow with highs around 50F/10C.  However, the predicted lows are for below freezing temperatures for the rest of the week.  I think I’ll stay in.

The first of January, my BFF cut down from working five days a week to just working 3 days a week.  This was a voluntary cut, and she is loving it.  Yesterday, she came for our usual Sunday TV night, and we got caught up on Once Upon A Time.  By way of explanation, I have cable, but she doesn’t.  My cable comes with a DVR, and I’ve set it to record the series I watch as well as anything else I happen to see a trailer for and want to watch or tune into the middle of and want to see from the beginning.  Although she can get Once Upon a Time because it’s on our local ABC station, since I record it on DVR, we can replay scenes, catch details, and most importantly, fast forward through the commercials.  (I’ve gotten so spoiled, I can barely stand to watch live TV any more.  Not being able to fast forward through the intermitable commercials drives me nuts.)

I watched the pilot of Once Upon A Time because Robert Carlyle is a series regular.  He’s the only one in the cast I’ve heard of.  After seeing the pilot, though, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the show.  They showed “flashbacks” that set up how a bunch of fairy tale characters ended up in a town called Storybrook, Maine.  I thought,  ‘Like we’re not smart enough to figure this out by ourselves?’  It wasn’t until the second show that I caught on to what they were doing with the flash backs — they’re actually telling two stories at once.  When they switch to Fairy Tale Land, they’re giving the “back story” of the main characters, who they were and how they got to where they were when the “Curse” came down.  Now, after six episodes, I think I’m going to keep watching it.  The kid, Henry, (Jared Gilmore), is turning out to be a great character and Gilmore is a good actor.  And, of course, Robert Carlyle. . . .  The show is turning out to be a cross between a fairy tale fantasy and a soap opera, and they are managing to pull it off rather well, so far.

Now that my BFF is only working Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, she’s going to have more free time.  Even in just this first week, she’s noticed a change for the better, and so have I.  She talks about starting to drawing and painting again.  That would be a tremendously exciting development.  Her creative life virtually shut down after she was laid off from her museum job (artist and preparator) 15 years ago, and life has been a struggle for her, physically, mentally and financially, ever since.   Unfortunately, her cat, Sweetie, has recently been diagnosed with FIP, and at some point here soon, she’s going to have to make that terrible decision.   It is a sad situation that is only going to get worse.

She and I have been planning a “TV marathon” (Tuesday?)  where I can get her up to speed on Warehouse 13, which is starting a new season.  She has only seen one episode of it, but liked what she saw.  Merlin is also starting up a new season, and we’re looking forward to that.  Hopefully, Haven will start its new season soon.